Criminal Defense for All of Oklahoma

Based in Oklahoma City, The Hunsucker Legal Group services clients with cases in criminal defense all over Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Hunsucker Legal Group understand the value of your freedom and your reputation. As Oklahoma City based Trial Lawyers, we have dedicated our careers and lives to ensure that our clients are able to walk out of the courtroom with their dignity, reputation and freedom regardless of the Oklahoma Criminal charge they face.

Criminal Defense For All of Oklahoma

The Hunsucker Legal Group started in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1998 but as our reputation for being highly skilled and knowledgeable litigators grew, we were requested repeatedly to take cases all over the state. Our knowledge of State and Federal laws allows us to provide our criminal defense services to every Municipal, State, and Federal Court within the State of Oklahoma.

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Hire an Attorney to Defend Your Case

People underestimate the value and importance of hiring experienced and highly trained Oklahoma criminal attorneys to represent them. This mistake can lead to costly convictions and possibly jail time. An Oklahoma criminal conviction will stay with you for your entire life. In criminal cases, it is always better to speak with an attorney who handles Oklahoma criminal law sooner than later.

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2016readerschoicewinnerAn Oklahoma criminal arrest is scary. The red and blue lights, the officer with a gun, the handcuffs…..leaves you feeling that your world has ended. Not necessarily so.

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Reaching out to Hunsucker Legal Group was the best thing I could have done. They are very professional and competent. Their fees are very reasonable, but more importantly you get the experience and knowledge that comes with it (you get what you pay for). I worked with Douglas Baxter, he looked out for my best interest and was very knowledgeable on Oklahoma laws. He did an amazing job and was able to get my case dismissed. I highly recommend their service, thanks again!

– MC

I chose Hunsucker Legal Group to represent me in a case and it turned out to be a very good decision. I liked the way they all worked as a team to obtain the best possible outcome for me, and additionally they did it in a very efficient, professional and friendly manner.

– DB

Oklahoma Electorate Passes Criminal Reform Laws

During the run-up to the November 8th election, we have noted the choice before the citizens of Oklahoma whether to approve two State Questions (780 and 781) that, if passed, would work to reduce prison overcrowding in this state by reclassifying certain felony-level... read more