Oklahoma Expungement FAQs

How Long Will It Take? It Generally Takes 30-45 Days After The Petition Is Filed.

Does an expungement really take crimes off my record? Yes. It will seal the public court record and arrest record. But, law enforcement agencies will still be able to see the arrest record.

Can I expunge a traffic ticket or my driving record? Expunging a traffic ticket is possible, but only the court record will be sealed. As for your driving record, since it’s not considered a public record by statute, it cannot be expunged.

I Was Arrested In Another State. Can You Expunge That?

An arrest in another state cannot be expunged by Oklahoma courts. To expunge records in a state other than Oklahoma, you will need to contact an attorney in that particular state.

What does it cost? This varies with the number of agencies involved. Also, filing fees can change from time to time.

Will My Fingerprint Cards Be Destroyed If My Expungement Request Is Granted?

No.  Expungements do not allow destruction of physical records. Additionally, identifying information, including fingerprints may still be maintained by the OSBI by law. Such identifying information, however, will not reference or be attached to the sealed arrest information.

Can I Expunge Multiple Cases At The Same Time?

Yes. If your cases are in the same county, that can be done with one Petition. However, if you have multiple cases in different counties, a separate petition will have to be filed in each county.

How long does it take OSBI to update their records? Generally speaking, it takes OSBI two weeks to update their records. You can find out if yours have been updated by doing a background check through OSBI.

Can agencies object to the request for expungement? After the petition is filed and a hearing date has been set, an agency can object and appear in court to present their objection to a judge. However, the objection must be for a valid, legal reason.

If My Record Is Expunged, Will My FBI Record Be Expunged As Well?


How will I know if the record has been expunged?Doing a background check with the appropriate agencies will let you know if your record has been expunged.

I filed a paper with the court and the expunged my record…is that the same thing? No. The one where a paper is filed with the court only takes your record off of the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network—it can no longer be viewed by the general public. A full expungement is where the court record and arrest record are permanently sealed from anyone but law enforcement.

Will An Expungement Give Me Back My Voting Rights?

Will it give me back my gun rights? The only way to have gun rights restored is by a pardon.

Does it matter if it occurred 10, 20, or 30 years ago? There is no time limit to having an expungement done.

How Do I Know If Something Is On My Record?

A background check through OSBI is the easiest way to see if something is on your record. You can get that at https://chirp.osbi.ok.gov/home

Isn’t It True That Charges Fall Off After A While?

Cases may be dismissed, which means the probation term has been completed and all fines and costs have been paid. However, the arrest record and court record do not “fall off.” The only way to seal records is through an expungement.

What Is A Difference Between Pardon And Expungement?

A pardon is an act of forgiveness that can be requested by a person for a specific crime, but it does not seal the arrest or court record—that can only be done with an expungement. However, once a pardon has been granted, a person can petition for an expungement and get records sealed.

How Does An Expungement Help Me?

Since an expungement seals both the arrest and court record, a person can say a particular incident never occurred. This is very helpful when it comes to employment or other things that may require a background check for approval.

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