David C. Hamel

Are you worried about how a criminal charge could change your life? Concerned about the impact on your job, your family, or your future? You need an ally who understands what’s at stake. David C. Hamel isn’t just a lawyer; he’s your personal advocate, dedicated to fighting for your rights and clearing your name, ensuring that you don’t end up with a criminal record. With a reputation for securing favorable outcomes, David is the ally you need when your freedom is on the line.

Unrivaled Commitment to Your Defense

When you’re facing the weight of the justice system, David C. Hamel stands as your champion. His promise to you is simple: to safeguard your rights, ease your legal burdens, and deliver the best possible outcome for your case. With David, you gain a tireless advocate who brings over a decade of hands-on experience in the courtroom to your corner.

From the Frontlines to the Courtroom: A Journey of Service

David’s dedication to justice was forged on the battlefield. As a decorated Sergeant in the Marine Corps, he served with distinction and honor. His commitment to serving others continued at the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office, where he fought for those overlooked by the system, providing hope and a voice to the voiceless.

The Art of Criminal Defense

Understanding the nuances of both prosecutorial strategy and judicial procedure, David crafts compelling narratives that resonate with judges and juries alike. His approach has restored freedom to countless individuals, helping them move beyond their charges and reclaim their lives without the shadow of a criminal conviction haunting them for the rest of their lives.

Victory Through Vigilance: High-Stakes Advocacy

David is known for his strategic mindset, successfully navigating complex and high-profile cases. After working as a criminal defense attorney for many years at different practices, David joined the Hunsucker Legal Group legal team, where he’s now renowned for flipping the script on challenging cases, securing acquittals, dismissals, or significant charge reductions.

The Foundation of Success: Meticulous Preparation

David believes that the cornerstone of any successful defense lies in thorough, proactive preparation. He builds deep, trusting relationships with clients, investing time to understand every detail of their cases. This dedication to preparation uncovers the prosecution’s weaknesses, positioning David to deliver optimal outcomes for those he represents.

Education and Achievements

Since being admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 2012, David has skillfully managed an array of challenging criminal cases. His academic achievements are notable; he is a proud graduate of Oklahoma City University School of Law, where he completed a dual Juris Doctor and MBA program, a testament to his dedication and broad-based understanding of the intricate relationship between law and business. David’s commitment to legal excellence is demonstrated by his successful completion of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College in 2015. This rigorous institution is dedicated to the art of trial advocacy, equipping its graduates with unique skills that David utilizes to secure favorable outcomes for his clients. He is also a proactive member of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, an organization committed to the advancement of criminal defense practice through continuing education and resource sharing. David’s active engagement in this community ensures that his practice is informed by the latest insights and developments in criminal defense. His professional merit has been recognized by his peers, as evidenced by his selection as a Rising Star by Oklahoma Super Lawyers for four consecutive years, from 2019 to 2022. This recognition reflects his hard work and the respect he has earned among his colleagues for his dedication to legal advocacy and the welfare of his clients.

David knows that there’s more to your story than legal challenges. As a family man himself, he values the importance of returning home to loved ones. He’s not just fighting for a case outcome; he’s fighting for your ability to live a full, unburdened life.

Choose David C. Hamel as your defender, and gain more than just legal representation—gain a dedicated partner committed to protecting your rights, preserving your freedom, and ensuring that your side of the story is heard. With David, it’s not just about legal advice; it’s about securing your peace of mind and your future.

Take back control of your life by scheduling a free, no-obligation case evaluation with David today.

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