Hunsucker Legal Group Reviews

The Hunsucker team did an awesome job, especially Doug Baxter. I took them up on their offer for a free case evaluation after finding them online. They got back to me immediately. The legal system is completely unfamiliar to me. Doug explained everything clearly and noticed a lot of details I hadn’t. He kept me up to speed on everything he did and what I should expect. Ultimately, he got the most positive outcome I could have hoped for. His fees are affordable and fair – they charge a flat rate. I would recommend the Hunsucker team if you are facing legal trouble and need a team that will work hard to get you a favorable outcome.

Brian and the team at Hunsucker Legal Group are AMAZING! They made the best of a terrible situation. I was able to relax knowing I had such a strong team behind me. Brian resolved my case with the Department of Public Safety efficiently and painlessly. I can’t say how relieved I was to hear we got the best outcome possible. I am so thankful for all they did and how fast and easy everything was. Thank you!

The Hunsucker Legal Group, particularly Doug Baxter, helped me navigate the complicated legal system and got me a favorable outcome. They responded to all of my questions with outstanding service. I could never have done this on my own without risking life-changing punishments. They took great care to investigate my case and found a way for me to plea down to a less severe charge with probation and a deferred sentence. I got no conviction on my record and no prison time. I kept my license and didn’t have to install an ignition device. My insurance rates stayed manageable. I would absolutely recommend Hunsucker Legal Group to anyone in legal trouble.

My family and I want to thank Doug Baxter and the Hunsucker Legal Group for protecting my livelihood. Mr. Baxter provided amazing service from day one. He assured me they would go to any length necessary to help me resolve my first offense. I was able to rest easy knowing they would protect me. The team at Hunsucker answered our questions quickly and competently. The situation could have been disastrous for me and my family, but Mr. Baxter protected my interests. I absolutely recommend the Hunsucker Legal Group to anyone in need of excellent counsel.

I would refer anyone to the Hunsucker Legal Group in a heartbeat. They provided high-quality service and attended to all of my needs. They kept me updated and were always on-call to answer my questions. They are completely capable and were very hands-on with my case. Very satisfied.

Angela was wonderful. She is highly communicative with her clients. Each step of the process went as planned. She posed questions that other lawyers wouldn’t have asked to build my defense. She was also straightforward with me about what to expect. There were no false pretenses. Everything happened exactly as she said it would. Through this whole uncomfortable situation, Angela was there to support me.

Doug handled my case superbly. The whole team at Hunsucker Legal Group was communicative, timely, and truly caring about me and the result of my case. If you are in a tough situation, reach out to them. They delivered the best outcome I could have hoped for. Thank you to the whole team!

Hunsucker Legal Group provided amazing service. Mr. Doug Baxter is the most thoughtful and genuine attorney we have ever met. He is compassionate, and he really respects his clients. He exceeded all of our expectations. Our situation was out of the ordinary. Mr. Baxter got us a great outcome. He always listened, answered any question we had, and kept us informed along the way. My husband speaks a different language, and Mr. Baxter was very patient with the translation process. I cannot thank Mr. Baxter enough. Our experience with Mr. Brian Morton was the same. He was also very skilled and knowledgeable. Thanks to him, all of our charges were dismissed. Thank you so much.

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