Many people associate the term “homicide” with an intentional act of murder. However, homicide is actually defined as the killing of one human being by another—but not necessarily with malice or intent. Homicide may occur accidentally, in which case it may be excused under the law.

In other homicide cases, the person who caused the death of another may be held liable. The degree to which that person may be punished depends on a number of factors, including premeditation, intent, and the means by which the homicide occurred.

Degrees of Homicide

Under Oklahoma law, there are several classifications of homicide, including:

Potential Penalties for Homicide

The penalties associated with homicide depend on the circumstances under which it occurred. For instance, in a case of excusable or justified homicide, the person who killed another would not face any criminal prosecution or punishments. On the other hand, a person convicted of first degree murder could potentially face the death penalty, depending on the facts of the case.

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