Asset Forfeiture in Oklahoma

What is asset forfeiture?

Many people are surprised to learn that police may take your money or other possessions without due cause. Having to hand over your hard-earned money to a police officer can be considered a personal violation that goes against constitutional rights.

If this has happened to you, it is important to know that you do have rights and should fight to have what is rightfully yours returned to you.

How does this happen?

Say, for example, you are carrying a large amount of cash on your way to purchase a car when an officer stops you for a minor traffic violation. The officer then starts asking you specific questions, such as where you are traveling to, if you have a large sum of money on hand, or other specifics related to what they may see in your vehicle. Being a good citizen, you honestly answer the officer’s questions. The officer may then confiscate the money, even if you provide proof that it is legally yours.

It is not always money that is take— other valuables such as your vehicle, can also be seized. The reasoning behind this action is that police may suspect the money is from a drug deal or another illegal activity. Sometimes they have a valid reason to think this may be the case, but other times they do not.

How can you get back what is rightfully yours?

Getting your money or other possessions back can be a confusing and convoluted process. The officer has a year to file documents that would allow the rightful owner to even attempt to claim their money. This process can wreak havoc on your life and future plans.

Unfortunately, even some law-abiding citizens may never see their money again. However, even if you were accused of being involved in some illegal activity, such as drinking and driving or prostitution, you may have the right to get your property back.

Fighting To Protect What’s Yours

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