Kidnapping Charges

Under Oklahoma statute § 21-741, kidnapping is the unlawful abduction, confinement or restraint of a person against his or her will. This crime also includes holding someone hostage, selling someone as a slave or holding someone to service against his or her will.

The Reality of Kidnapping

We often see depictions of kidnapping in movies and TV shows in which a stranger lures a child into a vehicle or snatches a kid while the parents aren’t looking. While these types of random abductions do happen, it is far more common for kidnapping to be committed by someone with whom the victim has a relationship.

For instance, a parent who has lost custody of a child following a divorce can be guilty of kidnapping, even if the child went with him or her willingly.

Potential Penalties

Kidnapping is considered a felony in Oklahoma. The maximum punishment for conviction is 20 years in prison.

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