Oklahoma Schedule IV Drugs Possession & Penalties

The government tries to regulate the usage and possession of substances that they deem dangerous to the general population.  These drugs are divided into groups of similar substances, called schedules, for charging and sentencing purposes.

Schedule IV

Many of the drugs in Schedule IV are not inherently illegal to possess. Schedule IV drugs include the following:

  • Lorazepam, commonly used to treat seizure disorders
  • Zolpidem, commonly used to treat insomnia
  • Phenobarbitals, commonly used to treat epilepsy

Because a doctor must prescribe each of these drugs, illegal possession would entail possession one of these drugs without the express permission of a medical professional. Penalties may include up to a year in jail or a fine of up to $1,000. If a motor vehicle is involved, it could cause a suspension of your Oklahoma driving privileges.

Aggressive Defense Against Drug Charges

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