Child Prostitution Laws in Oklahoma

There are a number of acts related to prostitution that may be criminally charged in Oklahoma, including:

  • Soliciting a prostitute, and
  • Engaging in the act of prostitution

Typically, these offenses are considered misdemeanors. However, there are certain circumstances under which the charge may be increased to a felony and the potential penalties considerably heightened.

Soliciting or Engaging in Prostitution With a Minor

Acts of prostitution or soliciting prostitution that involve a person under the age of 16 are considered child prostitution. These felony offenses carry up to 10 years in prison for conviction.

Pimping a Minor

A person who barters the exchange of sexual contact for money on behalf of the prostitute is referred to as a pimp—the official name for the crime of pimping is “pandering.” If the prostitute is under the age of 18, the pimp can be charged with trafficking in children, a felony that carries a 10-year prison sentence and up to $20,000 fine.

Additional Charges

The state may try to levy other charges in cases involving child prostitution. Related charges can include:

  • Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
  • Transporting a child under 18 for the purpose of prostitution
  • Indecent or lewd acts with a child under 16

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