Oklahoma Age of Consent

Age of consent refers to the age at which a person is legally considered mature enough to agree to sexual contact with another person. In Oklahoma, the age of consent is 16, which is the same age recognized by federal law. However, our state’s laws differ from federal statutes with regard to the age differential between two consenting people who engage in sexual activity.

Age Differential and Statutory Rape

Oklahoma law allows for a two year age differential between consenting sexual partners who are of the legal age of consent. In other words, a 16-year-old can legally consent to sex with an 18-year-old, unless the older person is an employee of the same school that the younger person attends.

Statutory rape differs from first-degree rape in that it generally involves two consenting parties. For instance, statutory rape may occur when the older person believes the younger person to be of legal consenting age but he or she is not. In this situation, even if the sexual activity was consensual by both parties, the older person would be held legally liable.

There are a number of ways for statutory rape to occur. If you are in doubt as to whether or not a potential sexual partner is of legal consenting age or whether the relationship is allowed by law, it is best to refrain from sexual contact altogether or consult with an attorney prior to engaging in sexual activity.

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