Breaking and Entering

Under Oklahoma law, if you enter someone else’s property without their permission, you may be charged with breaking and entering. The crime of breaking and entering is separate and distinct from the crime of burglary, which includes the element of breaking and entering.

Breaking and Entering vs. Burglary

Although these crimes are similar in nature, the law states that burglary involves breaking and entering into someone else’s property with intent to commit a crime. There are several elements that must be proven in order to convict a person of burglary; breaking and entering is one element.

However, entering someone else’s property without their permission—even if there is no intent to commit a crime—can be considered breaking and entering.

Penalties for Breaking and Entering

While burglary is typically a felony offense, breaking and entering is considered a misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for breaking and entering is one year in a county jail and/or a fine of up to $500.

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