Criminal Evidence Type in Oklahoma

Evidence is the basis of the legal system. For a person to be convicted of a crime, it must be proven that they committed it. Evidence is the information that is used to prove innocence or guilt.

Types of Evidence

All evidence is classified as either circumstantial or direct. Circumstantial evidence is evidence that requires an inference or conclusion to prove a fact. Direct evidence proves the information directly, with no thought process required to understand it.

  • Admissible evidence is evidence that is relevant, material, and competent.
    • Essentially, that means that the evidence must reliably demonstrate something that is important to the core of the case.
  • Hearsay evidence is a witness repeating a third party’s statements.
    • This is often inadmissible, but can factor into cases in a variety of strange situations.
  • Character evidence is evidence that is used to demonstrate something about the defendant, though the specifics of the testimony have no strong bearing on the case.
    • This is not usually admissible as evidence to help prove innocence or guilt, but it can be used to help determine an appropriate sentence.
  • Scientific and forensic evidence is a wide variety of evidence that relies on scientific basis to have meaning in a case.
    • While things like DNA testing and fingerprints are relatively well known, at times, less established kinds of evidence might need scientific support from experts to be accepted by the courts and by the jury.

Suppression is Evidence of Good Legal Help

Evidence is one of the most important parts of the trial process. In many cases, experienced defense attorneys can win or lose a case by getting evidence thrown out before it appears in court. By finding ways to suppress evidence, whether it is suppressed due to the way it was obtained or because it is tainted evidence, a defense attorney can find ways to turn the case in favor of their client. At the Hunsucker Legal Group, our job is to get results for our clients and we understand how to work with evidence to get the results that our clients need.

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