Oklahoma Parole and Probation Violations

In Oklahoma, a criminal conviction usually involves probation and/or parole. This allows the convicted person to finish part of their sentence outside of prison. Good behavior in prison may result in parole.

What Is Involved With Probation and Parole?

Parole and probation are all about close supervision. You will have specific appointments with a parole or probation officer and you will have strict behavior guidelines to follow. Failure to comply means going back to jail. These processes help you work in society in a useful way while getting strong support to ensure you don’t commit another crime. Probation can be used as an incentive to manage your behavior or the result will be going to jail for the crime you originally committed—a crime that will be dismissed if you fulfill the obligations of your probation.

If you are arrested while on parole or probation, the state may file a Motion to Revoke that will send you to jail.

Parole and Probation Requirements

Many things are asked of someone on probation or parole. Behavior must be very good—no drinking or drug use is allowed. You must report to your parole or probation officer regularly. Missing appointments will get that Motion to Revoke filed. You may be required to pay restitution or court costs. You will be told not to leave the state, and you cannot be found in possession of a firearm.

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