Post-Conviction Relief in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, certain convictions may be eligible for appeal under the Uniform Post-Conviction Procedure Act. This appeal process applies to a defendant who was convicted of a crime and who believes that a situation exists that would negate the conviction or change the outcome.

What Is the Procedure?

Your attorney can go to court and argue on your behalf that the conviction was not a reasonable conclusion. How would that happen? Your attorney may argue that the case was not handled in the correct jurisdiction, so you may get a new trial in another court. In other situations, there may be new evidence that could be presented that would indicate your innocence or lessen your involvement in the crime.

Perhaps you had a public defender who did not have time to deal thoroughly with your case. You cannot use a public defender for post-conviction relief; you must hire a private attorney or you can appeal on your own behalf, but an attorney’s experience is invaluable in such a case.

Many circumstances may exist in which your attorney may get your sentence reduced, expunged, or dismissed. It is a complex procedure and may not always apply to your particular circumstances, but you won’t know unless you speak with an experienced criminal attorney. Hunsucker Legal Group can provide you with more information regarding post-conviction relief and represent you if your case qualifies for this type of appeal.

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