Veterans Diversion Programs & Alternatives to Jail

Veterans of the armed forces who are charged with certain crimes in Oklahoma County may be eligible for assistance through the veterans diversion program. Established in 2011, the program seeks to give our nation’s veterans the help they may need in addressing underlying issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and to serve as an alternative to prison.

How Do I Qualify?

If you are a veteran who is facing one or more criminal charges, you may be able to apply to the Oklahoma County Veterans Program. The selection process includes interviews and assessments with state prosecutors and public defenders as well as fellow veterans and counselors. If you are selected, you must sign a contract and agree to face prosecution of the charges if you fail out of the program.

How Does the Program Work?

Once in the program, you will report daily for behavioral health management counseling and complete any additional requirements that have been identified as part of your individual plan. This may include substance abuse treatment, support group meetings, educational or vocational courses, and random drug screenings.

If you successfully complete the program, the criminal charges will either be not filed or dismissed entirely.

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