Warrant Out For Your Arrest in Oklahoma

What if there is a Warrant out for your Arrest?

Realizing that there is a warrant out for your arrest may be a confusing and frightening experience. You may not even be aware of it until you receive a letter from a bondsman or lawyer informing you of your warrant. These individuals likely found your name on the Oklahoma Supreme Court website listing recent criminal filings and contacted you to offer their services.

Having a warrant out for your arrest is often the first step in getting your charge into the legal system. If it becomes an outstanding warrant, law enforcement officers will see it on your record if they come across you (such as in a minor traffic violation) and/or police may seek you out to arrest you if you do not surrender on your own.

What Happens Next?

Once you are aware of your warrant, the best action to take is to get a lawyer, contact and make arrangements with a bondsman, and surrender to the warrant. This action does not mean you will spend any time in jail. The bondsman will post bail and you will get to return home that same day. You will then need to appear in court on a set court date and defend your case.

If you do not have the money to post a bond, you will need a lawyer to conduct a bond reduction hearing.

Failing to Appear in Court

If you miss your court hearing, you will be issued a bench warrant. The judge may increase the price of your bond if you have paid it already. You will need to contact your lawyer immediately or get a lawyer if you do not already have one. The judge may see you and your lawyer for a discussion. If this happens in a timely manner and under certain circumstances, the judge may not require you to post new bond.

OSCN Says I Have A Warrant, But I Have A Court Date

If you were arrested in Oklahoma County and have a court date for your arraignment, OSCN.net will show that a warrant has been issued. When the charges are filed in Oklahoma County, a warrant is issued and it is listed on OSCN. However, the warrant is not active until and unless you do not show up for your arraignment date. At that time, the judge will sign the warrant and it will become active. If you are in court, the warrant is recalled and will not become active.

Help At Every Step of Your Case

If you have learned of a warrant out for your arrest, it is in your best interest to get a lawyer as soon as possible. The experienced attorneys at the Hunsucker Legal Group represent clients facing various charges throughout the state of Oklahoma and know all of the ins and outs of the legal system. No matter the status of your case or charge, we can fight for you.

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