Wrongly Accused of a Crime in Oklahoma

Our legal system is built on truth and justice, but sometimes the truth can be muddled and mistakes can be made. Unfortunately, many people are wrongfully accused of various things every day. It is important to understand how to handle this scenario in case it happens to you or a loved one.

  • Remain silent and politely ask to contact a lawyer. The legal system protects your right to remain silent. Talking to the police without legal counsel may seem to be the quickest way out of the situation, but in reality it is safer and easier to only answer questions in the presence of a lawyer.
  • Refuse all searches and testing. Again, when you know your own innocence it seems to be easier to simply allow the police to search whatever they want. But doing so takes the situation out of you control, and you never know what the police will find upon searching. It is wiser to only allow these searches when the court orders them.
  • Gather information to prove your innocence. This is a step that is vital in this process. Evidence that can potentially prove your innocence is the most valuable thing that you can possess, and it must be properly handled and presented by legal professionals.
  • Don’t take matters into your own hands. This is especially true when it comes to talking to the victim or witnesses. While you may think that you can put the matter to rest with a quick conversation, you will likely only succeed in complicating the situation, and you can even be accused of intimidating a witness.

Overall, remaining calm and respectful while awaiting legal help is the key to navigating the situation.

While being falsely accused of a crime is a terrifying experience, it is made considerably easier by a legal professional. The Hunsucker Legal Group fights to ensure that our clients’ rights and dignity are upheld. If you or someone you know are currently in legal trouble, contact us today to get immediate advice and help.

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