What is assault and battery against a special victim in Oklahoma?

Answer:  In Oklahoma we don’t have any statutes that refer to special victims getting special treatment, if you will. But if you wanted to, we do have some laws in Oklahoma, such as the assault battery on a law enforcement officer. We also have assault and battery upon a medical technician, those kinds of—I mean, you could consider those special victims because there are special statutes to protect them while they’re in the course of doing their job. There are also certain statues that protect children a little differently. For example, we have the driving-under-the-influence charges in the state of Oklahoma. There is also a law in Oklahoma that has a felony charge for child endangerment by DUI whereby any, if you are arrested for DUI or charged with DUI and you have a child in the car that is under the age of 18, they can charge you with felony child endangerment. So there’s not a per se special victims unit or special victims crimes in the state of Oklahoma like you see on TV with the Law & Order Special Victims Unit where they deal with sex crimes and stuff. There are no dedicated—to the best of my knowledge— in the state of Oklahoma, dedicated units to those crimes. And there’s no designated special victims.

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