Assault and Battery Felony Charge in Oklahoma

When is assault and battery considered a felony in Oklahoma?

Answer:  Domestic A&B with a dangerous weapon, that is a felony carrying up to 10. And then Domestic A&B with a deadly weapon, that too is a felony. Then you have a domestic A&B with a pattern of abuse, and then aggravated assault and battery, which we talked about earlier. And then it gets more specific with aggravated A&B. You get aggravated A&B on a law officer, some kind of government agent, a police officer. That’s general. Then you get aggravated A&B upon state employees, which also covers A&B on police officers. So all these are felonies. They all carry a different range of punishments. Then you have A&B on emergency personnel. We’ve experienced that quite a bit, especially in the DUI field. You have somebody who’s been taken in to get a blood draw, they all of a sudden come to a realization of what’s happening, they start kicking, they kick some medical personnel, all of a sudden not only do they have a DUI, they get an A&B on a medical personnel, same thing with police officers. We get a lot of those just stemming from the DUI. And then you’ve got A&B on a lady who’s pregnant or someone who’s pregnant. That too, will get you into the felony range. A&B by strangulation, that will take it into the felony range as well.

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