Can you discuss some of the differences between DUI cases in state courts and the smaller municipal courts in Oklahoma?

Answer:  Same thing goes for Yukon municipal, El Reno municipal, Mustang. It carries a lesser punishment, zero to six months, in those three jurisdictions. A lot easier to deal with municipal courts. A lot of the times, the prosecutors, the defense attorney or, you know, they don’t have any criminal law experience, which makes it a lot easier to negotiate with. So usually in city court, you’re probably going to get a lot more favorable deals than you would in state court. State court takes a lot more work. Again, those people are trying to protect the citizens, and, let’s be honest, they have a conviction rate to worry about as well. So the state takes a little bit more, or actually, a lot more work than the little municipal courts do.

Valley Brook, court’s always at 6. What I can say there is, a lot of times they keep state charges when they’re not supposed to, so if you get caught in Valley Brook, it’s actually most of the time a better thing for the client at that point.

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