What constitutes a pattern of physical abuse with relation to a domestic abuse charge and how would that pattern of physical abuse affect the charge in Oklahoma?

Answer:  I mean three or more separate incidences, including the current one, occurring on different days, where they all occur within a 12-month period. That would be a pattern of domestic abuse. And if you get to a pattern then you are looking at a felony charge . You can charge it either way. If you can fit it under a pattern, then you can charge it under more than domestic assault and battery, you also get the pattern in there as well. So it just gives the DA options as to how they want to file it. And then that would carry initially, if there is domestic A&B with a pattern, up to 10 years and a fine of $5,000 or both, and then it would start climbing after that. If you have three within 12 months, the DA is going to charge you with domestic as a pattern. If it’s just three over a five year span, they’re going to have to just charge you domestic A&B.

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