What are some things I can do to increase my chances for a favorable outcome in my Oklahoma DUI case?

Answer:  So in the state courts and Oklahoma County and Canadian County, during intakes, I always advise clients to, if they can, try to do an alcohol assessment, do some classes, get that stuff done ahead of time. Because if you have a prior, certainly, and you’re trying to work with a DA to get it back to a favorable plea deal, you’re going to need to do some stuff, be proactive, be taking your crime seriously. So state court, certainly, like to see you being proactive. And usually, if you’re being real proactive, even with a prior, I’ll be able to get it to a deferred sentence.

Municipal court, that’s not really, they don’t really require you to do stuff ahead of time, because it’s supposed to be your first time if you’re in municipal court for a DUI. So the treatment just kind of comes on the back end—they don’t so much care whether or not you’re treated in the front end. But, in theory, it’s always better to be proactive and start treating immediately. Because we’re always going to argue treatment is more necessary than prison time is necessary.

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